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Earthy Neutral Scrunchie Collection

Earthy Neutral Scrunchie Collection

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Say Hello! to our new Earthy Neutrals Collection!

Great for everyday wear,

the perfect choice for gifts,

selected for their amazing properties and rich earthy colours!

White: Made of a heavy weight material that is flexible, has a slight stretch and holds it's form in your hair and after many washes!

Birch: Made of a medium weight stretchy material. The base colour is white with washed-black birch tree-like markings.

Oatmeal: made of a lightweight, gentle textured t-shirt material, this scrunchie has a light tan base with flecks of brown, and dark tan throughout.

Brown: Made of light weight  material that will fold around your bun with ease and has a rich chocolate brown colour.

Tan: made of a soft, smooth and medium weight material that is like pyjamas for your hair.

Matte Black: Made of a lightweight waffle like material that is slightly transparent.

Shiny Black: Looking at its shiny gloss, feeling how smooth it is and how rich the black colour is, you might be thinking it's made of silk! This scrunchie is made of a medium weight material that is shiny, soft and the perfect amount of slippery to be gentle on your hair!

White Sand: Made of a medium weight, slippery and gently textured material this scrunchie holds it's form and is a great asset to your neutral collection.

Clay: made of a medium smooth material that has a gentle shine, this scrunchie holds it’s form and is a great feature.

Colour Block: made with the ends of fabrics in the earthy neutral colour palate, these one of a kind scrunchies are a FUN and still neutral choice!

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