Scrunchie Reviews

"To say the least, I'm OBSESSED with my scrunchies, especially the ones with the bows!"

C. Zacharias


"I LOVE the scrunchie from you...I have worn it literally every day and sometimes night since getting it."

E. de Dreu


"Honestly your scrunchies are the BEST. They hold so well- that 'all-day-hold' that everyone talks about is no joke! They even hold my think hair in place all day! Thank you so much!"

C. Funk


"As a person who suffers from frequent moderate to severe headaches, wearing cute and trendy scrunchies is often not an option. Created Mother was willing to work with me and I am very happy to say that I can now wear cute and trendy scrunchies all day long without headaches! Thank you Created Mother! "

R. Falk


"I absolutely LOVE the scrunchies I bought! They stay in and don't lose their elastic and I'm just really excited to get more!"

S. Carter-Squire


"These are the only scrunchies I use on mine and my daughter's hair - one with extremely think hair and one with fine toddler hair. I love how well they hold and how many adorable styles there are! Thank-you!!"

E. Pritchett


"We love our new scrunchies! They are by far the best we've tried! "

C. Beaupre


"Created Mother makes THE BEST scrunchies! The quality is excellent and they hold your hair up ALL DAY! Every scrunchie is handmade with love... they are our new go to scrunchie! "

M. Pearson


"I AM IN LOVE. I wore one of my new scrunchies for a 7 hour road trip and I didn't think about my hair a single time. It was piled in a bun on top of my head and no headache, no redoing, no thought to it at all, I looked cute the whole time! I will absolutely be buying more!"

L. Fingland


"These scrunchies are STRONG. This is a quality product!"

K. Penner


"My scrunchie is absolutely AMAZING. I honestly didn't believe a scrunchie could stay in place like this! "

T. Watt


"A full day of momming or working and (my scrunchie) faithfully stays put... The quality of her product is outstanding!"

K. von Riesen


"They stayed put all day at work without the need to keep re-doing."

J. English


"Great quality, great prices, lots of fabric and colour selection!"

A. Anderson


"I bought that coral scrunchie from you at the market and I freakin love it! I don't have to readjust my pony at all!"

F. Hiedebrecht


"I'm in love with the velvet scrunchies. Not only do they hold my buns and high ponytails for hours, they leave my hair crease-free."

S. Lanteigne


"I loooooove my scrunchies! I was a bit concerned because of my thin hair but WOW! I am impressed! I love the quality and the colours I picked."

G. Navarro


"I LOVE your scrunchies! They keep my fine hair up and I never have to re-do my bun or ponytail."

C. Scheer-Kosowan


"By far my favourite scrunchies! Love love love!"

D. Toews


"Created Mother had great communication when helping set up my order. Very friendly and professional."

Verified Instagram Follower


"Seriously, your scrunchies are amazing. I was afraid if I wore them in my labs (so much activity in the outdoors) that my hair would just fall out of it. But it legit holds my hair up for hours. I love them and I want more in my life. haha."

L. Andrews


"I've bought some to give as gifts and struggle to decide which ones to keep and which ones to share cause I want to keep them all!"

J. Hildebrand


"I am obsessed with your scrunchies! I have a lot of hair, and typically have to re-do my ponytail multiple times a day. Your scrunchies keep my hair up all day, without moving at all! Such great quality, best scrunchies on the market!"

A. Caldwell


"Created Mother scrunchies are the best ever! I have so many scrunchies but none compare to hers!"

A. Kroeker


"100% to your scrunchies Created Mother! I love! Hair up all day, no adjusting/redos. It's really true!"

M. Dyck


"R and I love your scrunchies! They hold our hair in so well. Much better than any other scrunchie we've ever had! and they're cute too!"

J. Sawatzky


"Sooo, I'm obsessed with these wonderful, fun scrunchies! The colours an patterns make me happy and I get so many compliments. The hold is also the BEST!"

K. Wiebe


"I have heard so many good things about your scunchies, so I knew I had to try them. And I'm SO glad I did!"

the custom canary


"I have to tell you how much I LOVE the scrunchies! The material is so nice and I love the cute prints... but most of all, the fit is perfect! I literally avoid all my other scunchies and just wear yours now!"

E. Vourtzomis


"Your scrunchies always hold my hair in place and my hair is on the shorter side so most times other scunchies just slip out!"

M. Nolette


"I love my mini scrunchies and not only because they are such great quality and hold all day but I also love the pop of colour and bounce they add when I catch myself in the mirror!"

C. Antoniuk


"I bought matching linen scrunchies for me and my girl from Created Mother. They really are the best scrunchies! No adjusting needed; I've had mine in all day."

J. Armstrong


"Created Mother scrunchies are the cutest and have all day hold! I can hardly wait to see what next month's scrunchie launch will be."

J. Naylor


"I absolutely adore your scrunchies! They have made such a difference in how I do my hair. I definitely notice the difference between a cheap scrunchie and a quality one (yours!) I don't need to use any other ponytails to support under the scrunchie like I used to. I have completely gotten rid of all other scrunchies and only use Created Mother."

A. Davies


"I absolutely LOVE these scrunchies! They are so cute, and they stay put all day. Created Mother is also such a wonderful woman to deal with; she is kind, generous, and super helpful. I can't wait to add more to my collection!"

M. Reimer


"I am loving my scrunchies from Created Mother. They are the best at holding my fine hair all day, without needing a touch-up or hurting my head. I love that they keep their shape after many months of use!"

J. Patterson


"The first scrunchies I have used that don't make my hair feel like it's too tight or bein pulled. So comfy to wear all day and so many beautiful patters and designs. LOVE LOVE LOVE."

A. Elias


"I have super thick hair and these scrunchies hold my hair no problem! My absolute favourite ones are the linen. Beautiful, functional and stylish!"

C. Wolgemuth


"Thanks for the amazing scrunchies! I'm so happy I took the leap and bought some! The Quality is amazing! The hold they have is better than any scrunchies I have tried."

C. Gobeil


"My head would always hurt at the end of the day with a typical elastic but these are so gentle yet strong and hold al day. Highly recommend."

N. Kehler


"These are by far the best I have ever owned. The mini feels so secure in my daughters hair, and the large in mine."

M. Frenchette


"This is the first scrunchie that has stayed in my hair (baby fine). I'm so excited! Thank you for making a wonderful product!"

L. Unger


"They are made so well, hold SO well and are so versatile. I swore I'd never get into the scrunchie game, but Created Mother changed that and now I rarely go a day without one."

P. Unrau


"The best scrunchies ever! They hold so well! I'm loving them. Thanks so much Created Mother!"

A. Penner


"Nothing holds my thick, heavy hair quite like yours! I don't even need to readjust during the day... Created Mother is such a sweet and honest person and that definitely goes a long way!"

C. Friesen


"I've been using these scrunchie snow for a couple of months and they hold all day! I will definitely be ordering more in the future! These are very good quality scrunchies."

A. Lehmann


"I absolutely love these scrunchies! Not only do they hold my hair for hours without having to adjust, but they are super cute and so many different fabric types. And who doesn't love supporting local! "

K. Mcdougal


"After trying Created Mother scrunchies there is no going back, and they have the perfect hold that lasts all day (through swimming, chasing kids, you name it!) but don't feel too tight! Bonus is that there is constantly new and fun colours!"

K. Meilleur


"Everyone needs to know. My hair is so fine and “slippery” and I don’t find myself constantly redoing my hair. Will always recommend."

D. Friesen